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Ted Bendixson

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Ted Bendixson

Ted Bendixson

iOS Developer

I’m an experienced mobile software engineer (4 years thus far) with plenty of my own apps and client apps available on the App Store. I know what kind of development timeline you’ll need for your project, how to deal with Apple, and best of all, how to design a product so people will actually use it.

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Grandfather Progress

I’ve decided to start putting some more time into my video game prototype: Grandfather. So I’ve been scheduling blocks of time with a fantastic sprite artist based out of Poland (Artem Nevinchanyi). I’ve also been working with a guy from Colorado... read more

Action Sports Dice Apps Progress

The latest iteration on the Dice Apps concept is available on the App Store. I have a added quite a few new features to the products and also corrected some of the architectural mistakes we made when we first set out to build the product. What’s new? -Apple Watch... read more

The other person on the chairlift.

There are some of you who may already know this, and some of you for whom this will be a total surprise. Gus Kenworthy’s coming out this fall was really significant for me. Not just because he represents a sport I love, but because I am gay and have shared many of the... read more

Finally Updated Skate Dice iOS App

It has been nearly two years in the making, but we finally got a chance to update our most popular iPhone app, Skate Dice. The changes weren’t at all drastic. We weren’t trying for that. We simply wanted to overhaul the older graphical style. When we first launched... read more

Lessons from launching my first iPhone app

So I guess technically I’m an entrepreneur. I tried to escape it, but this is just in my blood. About four years ago, I was weighing whether I should go to graduate school or keep working on an app idea I had. Little did I know, the app idea would blossom into a... read more

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