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Ted Bendixson

Professional iOS Developer

Ted Bendixson

Ted Bendixson

iOS Developer

I’m an experienced mobile software engineer (4 years thus far) with plenty of my own apps and client apps available on the App Store. I know what kind of development timeline you’ll need for your project, how to deal with Apple, and best of all, how to design a product so people will actually use it.

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Override Launch For iOS Unit Tests

Ah, iOS Unit Tests. We all know we should write them, and yet so few of us do. Perhaps one reason we don’t is because sometimes simply setting up iOS Unit Tests is an exercise in patience itself. I encountered this recently when I wanted to add a few tests for... read more

Core Data vs. Realm

If you’ve done any kind of iOS development lately, you’ve run into a decision we all need to make at some point – how am I going to implement object persistence? For years and years, the only options you had were SQLLite and CoreData. Most people... read more

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