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Ted Bendixson

Ted Bendixson

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I’m an experienced mobile software engineer (4 years thus far) with plenty of my own apps and client apps available on the App Store. I know what kind of development timeline you’ll need for your project, how to deal with Apple, and best of all, how to design a product so people will actually use it.

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UX Rant: Your Users Are Drowning In Accounts

It’s difficult to pin down a concrete definition of UX. Some people have said if UI is the buttons and other widgets on a screen, UX is the flow through those buttons, pages, and other UI towards some end goal. Although that definition seems to apply in most cases, I... read more

Override Launch For iOS Unit Tests

Ah, iOS Unit Tests. We all know we should write them, and yet so few of us do. Perhaps one reason we don’t is because sometimes simply setting up iOS Unit Tests is an exercise in patience itself. I encountered this recently when I wanted to add a few tests for... read more

WWDC 2016 Recap

This year, I flew out to San Francisco for the WWDC 2016 experience. It’s the first time I have ever done it, and I would highly recommend the experience to anyone else who is either an experienced iOS developer or just plain interested in building apps. Tons of... read more

Do you really want a passionate developer?

Passion is a buzzword I run into quite frequently. It’s often used to describe the kind of ideal employee companies are looking for. They want someone who is excited, someone who isn’t jaded from doing the same boring stuff in a cubicle for years are... read more

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